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Oahu Guitar Academy - Student Testimonials

Dani - 1st Year in Studies

"This is hands down the BEST curriculum I've ever gotten to sink my teeth into! If you're not sure if this is for you, trust me, don't let fear hold you back, just go for it!  You won't be disapointed..."

Dani, Advanced Student

Xavier - 2nd Year in Studies

"Our son has been studying for over a year and still really loves his lessons and is still super excited about guitar!  We notice improvements all the time and he's just so motivated to stick with it."

Zaira, Xavier's Mom

Barb - 1st year in studies

"I just love that feeling every time something clicks for me.  O.G.A. has a way of explaining things.  I look forward to getting my lessons in every week and unlocking more on this guitar!"

Barb, Intermediate Student

Is your Guitar Playing Frustrating you? It doesn't need to be that way...

If you're reading this the good news is that you at least found this site and the answers are right here at your finger tips.  The bad news is that either you have no idea (currently) what to do next to get to where you want to be or you just spent a good amount of time "practicing" but don't feel like you've gotten anywhere.  Am I right?

I know how this feels! It sucks. And many of my other students have felt this way before too. However I have more good news... NOW is the time to make the change and I can and will help you.  You and I together can take your playing to way higher skill levels than what you can dream of now.  I'll show you how!

So, what do you actually need to DO?  Well first thing is that I have a LOT of resources from years of training and working with students just like you and when you join my mailing list I'll freely share some of these (resources) with you.  This is a great place to start.

I'll also be randomly selecting winners for free exclusive merchandise with the Oahu Guitar Academy brand as well as Lesson Scholarships, Free Guitars, Bonus Materials and Videos and much more, so definitely SIGN UP!  You have nothing to lose and I promise NOT to spam you, okay!?

Now if you're still not sure about all this, read on and I'll explain in more detail how I can help you.

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Oahu Guitar School
Mateo - 2nd Year in Studies

"At first I had years of bad habits that we needed to break but after working with Erik for just a short time I started having these breakthroughs.  Years later and I'm still learning and growing.  I definitely HIGHLY recommend Oahu Guitar Academy!"

Mateo, Intermediate Student

It's Time To Climb Out of That Guitar Playing Canyon!

Acoustic guitar close-up with fingers playing it

If we decide to work together:

I've been teaching a long time (15 years professionally).  I own and operate not one but TWO guitar academies. One on Maui and thanks to the latest innovations in Guitar Teaching Technologies one on Oahu!  Oahu Guitar Academy has been getting BIG results for all my students, near and far and you can do it too!

You don't need to do anything perfectly, remember PROGRESS is always better than PERFECTION.

I really want to talk about you and where your at.  What problems are you facing and what's holding YOU back?  Helping students first gain clarity on these things and secondly helping them along the way using BATTLE TESTED curriculum and training is what I do best.

Gathering a bunch of information is one thing but to actually put it to use is a whole other (much more important) step which you and I can (and will) take together.  I will show you exactly what you need to do and in what order you should try to do it in.  I have the experience from years of training and working with students just like you, and I know it will work for you when you commit to working with me and trust the process.

When we begin to work on your guitar playing together you will see results very quickly.  You can expect to start seeing improvements in ALL areas of your guitar playing and musicianship.  With a solid plan in place and my killer curriculum for learning and mastering guitar there really is no limit to what is possible for your Guitar Playing.

Wouldn't It Be Great If...

  • You could play whatever you want, when you want, without your fingers stumbling around like spaghetti...
  • You played guitar with emotion. So much emotion that your listeners felt impacted by your playing through your unique music and guitar playing "voice".
  • Play music using many different moods and colors quickly and easily without spending years wondering how to do this or getting lost in text books about boring music and songwriting concepts...
  • Go from just being "alright" on the guitar to being Mind-Blowing!
  • Jam with other guitarists and artists and not only confidently play (and hold your own) but literally be able to lead the jam / songwriting session / band!
  • Impress the people you're closest with by showing them your new level of skill and commitment to bettering yourself and your guitar playing!
  • Leave the guitar confusion behind you and finally understand how the guitar works and is mapped out, and play in innovative, creative and expressive ways. Using not one methodology but many of the best technologies all put together...
  • Learn guitar in a fraction of the time it takes the vast majority of students who don't seek the knowledge and specialized training.

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Elite Guitar Teacher's Inner Circle Member Since 2015

The New Age Of Learning Guitar Is Here, In Hawaii, ON OAHU!  It's Time To Learn Exactly What's Going On With Your Guitar and How To Play It The Way You've Always Dreamt!

"Sometime You Just Need to Take Action, Take a Leap of Faith, and You'll Discover Solutions and Positive Outcomes When You Do!  Same Story Here! Guitar Lessons At Oahu Guitar Academy Have Been Interstellar for Me!  From Day One I Could Tell This Was Right For Me and I Know It Could Work For Anyone Who Tries!" -Jan, Honolulu

Guitarist playing an electric guitar. Shallow depth of field. Grunge filter.

Benefits Of Studying Guitar (And Music) With Me:


*** Free, No Obligation Consultation Session where we can meet and come up with a plan together.

*** Professionally designed curriculum, BATTLE TESTED and improved upon frequently.

*** Work at your own speed and own skill level without feeling unnecessary pressure.

*** Trust that the process works because hours and hours of thought has already gone into this, all you need to do is follow the path as it's laid out for you.

***Have a ton of fun learning and growing and expand in many areas all at the same time.

***Pick up many key guitar playing pieces in a fraction of the time it took me (and other guitar players).

Here's A Glimpse of Some of The Materials We'll Be Working On

Super Cool Sounding Chords - Part 3

Step #1 -- If these chords are new to you you'll need to spend some time getting your fingers into place.  There are many things we can do to speed up the learning process but for now the BEST thing you can do (as a beginner) is NOT give up as eventually these chords will become very easy to play.

How to Read The Chart:

The Red, Blue and Orange Circles with the numbers inside them are marking which fret AND string your fingers need to be on to play this chord.

1 = Pointer Finger (1st finger) of your fretting hand.

2 = Middle Finger (2nd finger) of your fretting hand.

3 = Ring Finger (3rd finger) of your fretting hand.  (*Note: Some students may use their 4th finger instead of the 3rd finger as they're starting out however eventually you'll want to use the same fingers as shown in the diagram).

Step #2 --Work on switching between all 3 of these chords smoothly.  This will take some time so once again, don't give up if your not able to switch quickly right from the beginning.  Stick with it and soon this will be so much easier than it may be right now.

Step #3 -- You've probably already tried different strumming patterns which is great.  Now's the time to really focus on what the Strumming Hand is doing and work with different patterns.  I go into much more detail in the lessons so if getting better at strumming interests you, you're definitely in the right place.

For now lets just use a simple strumming pattern of all downstrokes.  I know super easy right?  Simply strum the strings 8 times in a downward picking motion (videos included in lessons) for each chord.  Once you've strummed the 1st chord 8 times go to the next chord and do 8 more strums.  You can then continue on to the next chord.

Focus on consistent playing even if it's slow, then well build speed from there.  If you rush the speed too soon things will likely fall apart a little in which case don't worry that's totally normal.  So find a balance between the times you try it fast and notice it falling apart and having the mental control to force yourself to practice it slower (when needed).

Step #4 -- Enjoy the really cool sound these chords make together and work on putting them to use in one of your own musical creations.  We will also go into much more detail on why these chords work and sound cool together and many other chords that sound just as cool or cooler than these and how to use them in your guitar playing and songwriting.

For more information and to get your own personalized lessons click the button below to fill out a quick form notifying me of where your guitar playing is at so I can recommend some of my many options for studying with me.


Are You Ready To Get Started?

The next step is to click the button below and take a minute to answer just a few questions about your guitar playing.  Once I have a better idea of who you are and how I can help you, we can then move things forward.

You're under no pressure to sign up for anything today however I'll put together some options for you should we decide to work together, that will be in total alignment with your goals and Guitar playing ambitions.

And trust me, it doesn't matter what your current skill level is, once we start working together your biggest concern will be that you didn't find me 6 months ago!

Click The Button Below So You Can Help me Help YOU! (This could be you...)

You can do this!  I know I can help you and I know that my Curriculum, Music Teaching Technologies and Methodologies, my Graphic Design Degree and Career (which translates to super high quality Materials for you)  and my Passion for Helping Guitar Players just like you AND my background with getting Actual Results that last means that together, with a little focus and determination, you'll finally learn how to really jam on guitar, you'll have a total map of the guitar, you'll be able to play expressively and creatively and I'll even teach you the in's and out's of Recording and Performing, Songwriting, and even How to Play and Sing (if singing interests you).


All of this and much more is possible for you, all you have to do is take one little step right now, click the button below and tell me a little more about what's going on with your guitar playing.


Are you a total beginner, great!  I want to help!


Are you an intermediate player who's still struggling?  I know that feeling well and I want to help!


Are you already advanced but noticing critical flaws and gaps in your knowledge and songwriting abilities?  I want to help you!  I know well have fun in the process and you'll love the advanced curriculum I have built for you!


So NOW is the time to take forward action.  I won't spam you with annoying emails.  My goal is only to help you break free from the frustrations of learning guitar, make it fun for you and show you key pieces to the guitar playing puzzle, how to use these keys to unlock the entire guitar and thats all within the first few months...


Click this button and we'll get started!


Aloha 🙂



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