Erik's Approach and Philosophy

I'm here to over-deliver when it comes to teaching guitar.  I never want to be just mediocre, getting just average results for students.  I want phenomenal results, I expect the best from my students and I'll never give up on them even if they doubt themselves and have fears and other things that hold them back.

I've also committed to expanding my own knowledge and guitar playing.  And as technology becomes more profound in our daily lives I've found the way we learn changes and improves too.  I've always been very tech savvy so now, to use technology to our advantage in our studios is of course the wise move.

The Oahu Guitar Academy Story

After starting and successfully operating Maui Music School AND Maui Guitar School in 2012, Erik Dashuttaman (owner) decided to reach out to our now thriving community of guitarists on Oahu.  Now through advances in Guitar Teaching Technology the Curriculums that work so well for the Guitar Academies on Maui are now available to Oahu students.

This is a very exciting time in the world of Guitar Instruction!  Musicians and Guitar Players can make huge gains in skill in a fraction of the time it used to take.  There is a way to accelerate the learning process and get big results for yourself or someone special in your life.  Oahu Guitar Academy was built on the determination to help students break free from struggle and learn quickly while also having a lot of fun in the process.

Many of our students stay with us for multiple years and LOVE the results they're getting.  Many students are enjoying total guitar playing freedom and you can be one of them!

If you have any questions at all we'd love to hear from you and offer our guidance and coaching.

Oahu Guitar Academy Established 2012, Honolulu, Hi.

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