Are You Stuck in a Total Rut With Your Guitar Playing?

Does it feel like you're making progress at a freaking SNAILS PACE!?

Do you sometimes distance yourself from guitar or even practicing because you're not sure if it's paying off or you're even making any progress.

Maybe you feel like you're doing the wrong things and developing bad habits (or more bad habits), and you just want to rest assured knowing you're practicing the right things, in the right order to get the results you're after.

It's Okay To Have Doubts

I’ve had many times of self doubt in my career as a musician and Music Teacher.  And even though I of course reached an Advanced level of musicianship I hit a plateau that seemed to last forever.  It was during my mid 20s that I found some concrete answers to my biggest guitar playing problems.

I was a self taught guitar player for my entire teen years where I played in numerous bands, constantly jamming and rehearsing and playing little backyard shows.  In my 20s I took music a little more seriously and sought out mentor ship.  Luckily I found a guide who knew the way and had even worked with thousands of other successful guitar players before.

Through years of being coached personally from one of the best guitar instructors on the entire planet I developed not only a mastery over the instrument but a much more unique guitar playing voice than I had during those years I was strictly self-taught.

What does all this mean for you.  Well, I have a map, I have exercises that we’ll do together that are absolutely proven to work and get big results for you.  Well dive into exactly what makes music works but we won’t get lost in boring talks about “conventional” music theory.  Instead well look at music theory concepts using new guitar teaching technologies in a way that ensures you “get it”.

A lot is going to click into place for you.  You just need to trust me, click the form below to fill out the advanced questionnaire so I know exactly where you sit with your guitar playing.  From there I’ll send personalized lessons to you, right to your door.  You open up the lessons, do the work, we communicate online using our Oahu Guitar Academy portal and live video conferences and you get better at guitar.  You get a mentor who not only knows his stuff but has put it into practice again and again.

"A mentor who IS GETTING RESULTS FOR GUITAR STUDENTS not only on Oahu but throughout the entire state of Hawaii!"


We'll take this ONE step at a time.  Because I know I was skeptical at first too.  Here’s what we need to do.  If you’re all in and ready to do this now CLICK HERE and fill out the advanced form.  I’ll send you a free bonus for doing so and I promise NOT to spam you.

If you need some more time to think things over, believe me, I get it.  I’m not trying to force or con anyone into taking lessons.  I know I can help anyone who is committed to this process and does the exercises to the best of their ability but I also understand it’s not for everyone.  Still if you fill out this mailing address form I’ll include you in my Advanced Mailing List where you’ll receive free bonus materials once a month in my monthly Hawaii Music Newletter.

Now is the time to go for this.  You have nothing to lose.  Getting started is totally free.  Receiving more information and asking questions is totally free and the best part, I want to hear from you.  I want to figure out if I can help you too, just like I’ve helped hundreds of other guitar players here in Hawaii.

We’re going to learn so many cool and amazing sounding things.  I’m familiar with and fluent in not just playing guitar at an advanced level but through years of experience teaching it I’ve developed a bit of a sixth sense for where a student is at which their knowledge gaps.  And many students have often mentioned at the end of their lessons that they had all the questions they had come in with answered in the first 30 minutes.

When I take you on as a student,

I learn where you’re at and weigh it against years of experience with teaching musicians (guitar players specifically).  You can’t lose, all you need to do is sign up for my email list and when YOU are ready, fill out the Advanced Evaluation Form and let me know you’re at least interested in finding out more.

From there we can schedule a complete free Consultation Session where we link up and discuss your guitar playing and without going into a “used car salesman” speech I can tell you some options you have if we decide to work together.

I started Oahu Guitar Academy to help students of all skill levels, especially students at an advanced level who still have big gaps in their knowledge and feel STUCK.  I hate that feeling and I really don’t want that feeling for you or anyone else.  I know I can help and at the very least you’ll receive a ton of great, professional, well-thought out, battle tested through years of experience in actually guitar academies curriculum and even some personal coaching.

I can help and I want to help so if you’re ready to get started then click this button to fill out the Advanced Evaluation Form.

Take The Leap Of Faith (It's Free) and lets get started today!

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