Here are what I believe to be the most commonly asked questions and even some myths about guitar lessons (especially "conventional" guitar lessons) and what I believe to be the truth (to the very best of my knowledge and research) about not only how Guitar Instruction used to be, but how it is now and what it will most likely look like and be like in the future.  Anyway, here are the most asked questions so far...

When Will I Attend Lessons?

We have many different Lesson Times available every week during Prime-Time hours (4pm-8pm) AND during other hours by appointment.  If we decide to work together I'll go over all the different program options that are available and we'll find something that works for you.

Due to the nature of many of the programs you'll have the convenience of learning in your own home and with my guidance you'll always know that you're doing the right things, in the right order.

I'm also available to you night and day via the online Student Forum.  Once you're a member of the school you'll receive access where you can review many subjects and even ask questions, receive feedback on your music and much more.

What If I'm a Total Beginner, Will I Be Holding Anyone Back While I'm Still Learning The Basics?

Believe it or not, sometimes students worry they might hold someone else back just because they're starting out and other guitar players are already 'way ahead of them".

I understand this fear however the truth is that only YOU can hold (or push) yourself back.  And with that said, I only care about YOUR progress.  You don't need to even have played a guitar before and I can take you through the fundamentals quickly and then we can move onto even better things!

And as a total beginner you don't yet have bad habits that we need to spend time breaking.  I'm more than capable of helping you fix bad habits but of course if we can avoid developing them, that's obviously the wise move, right?

What If I Miss Lessons Due To My Busy Schedule / Work-Life / School - Life?

I've always understood that sometimes we just need some down-time.  Thanks to tons of thought going into our schedule of lessons we've worked out the math and now have some great options that account for time off in the student (and teacher) schedule.  This allows for us to work hard and make big progress together and accommodates for the busy and hectic times in life.

Most of my students are committed to working with me for multiple years, and not that any of them or you have to sign a contract to do so.  It's just the most we explore music together the more excited I think (I know) you'll be to keep learning and growing as a guitar player.

If you miss a lesson here and there it happens. We don't always get up at 5am to go to the gym, right?  In fact some people never do that (myself included).  For some learning guitar at a higher level may be a little challenging at first but that challenge, once overcome turns into BIG results.

Consistency will win the day, and with my programs and Curriculum you'll always be working within your comfort zone with intervallic work expanding out of your comfort zone.  I've used this method before and get huge results with my students.

It WILL work for you!

How Often Do I Receive Lessons?

Depending on which of my many Guitar Lesson Packages turns out to be a perfect match for you will determine how many Lessons you'll receive each month.

And, in fact figuring out the logistics of Lesson Attendance is one of the easiest parts of what we do here.

Well of course talk more about this in our Free Consultation Lesson, speaking of which if you haven't already booked one with me you can do so here:

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